Monday, 5 August 2013

Medical Event

India has more than 10,000 skilled physicians and medical professionals. Over the last two decades, the economic boo in India has led to the building of number of medical facilities and infrastructure. The incredible India not only offers medical care at lower costs than the West but a chance to witness some of the breathtaking scenic beautiful and religious architecture. Medical health tourism has become a popular form of vacationing in India for international travelers. It is a unique opportunity that provides a pioneering experience to enhance their health and well being.

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 Every year a number of medical event management are held in India but some flagship events also occur worldwide during health festival week. For example Health 2.0 holds Spring Fling event with various international conferences that are mostly held in India and Berlin. It comes under latest medical news as it has exceptional list of professionals, ground breaking topics and creative product demos.

The 1st annual Health 2.0 India was huge success with 300 participants and inspiring keynotes from eminent speakers like Som Mittal, Baljit Bedi and Anil Swarup. There were over 35 speakers in total from India and around the world. Added to all these there were 15 live technological demos and the first in series of international code-a-thons.

This year in 2013, the theme is the˜Health 2.0 Everywhere which speaks about the idea of technology emerging out of most unexpected places of health and wellness landscape. This is one of the current medical events which will have great line of speakers. It will also be introducing some exciting additions including some popular match point sessions.
According to experts Health 2.0 India brought together some of the key innovators in Indian healthcare sector and presented new solutions to long standing and complex challenges which are critical to India development. In fact the list of medical events is a great way to meet key players and know about the latest trends and challenges faced in the health industry.

It is an excellent initiative which will bring some revolutionary changes in health care sector in India. The ones who have attended say that the overall experience is good and gives an opportunity to about the trends and scope of healthcare sector in India. It is a platform that is all about great speakers and innovative ideas because health creativity is at its best. It gives new generation of healthcare entrepreneurs giving positive vibes, carving a path and creating an India which is capable to face future health challenges. 

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